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Textile recycling is one of the oldest and most established sectors within the recycling industry with active participants covering all reaches of the globe. In the US alone, textile recycling salvages 10 lbs. per capita or 2.5 billion lbs. of post-consumer waste every year.

Mid-West Textile, since its establishment in the early ‘80s, has grown to become one of the largest textile recyclers in the Americas. It has built a successful business around its ability to create value out of used textiles and clothing that would have otherwise been thrown in the trash. This organization plays an important part in the global effort to create sustainable, environmentally friendly industries.

With its hundreds of unique product lines, Mid-West is able to serve the needs of its diverse customer base, which includes fiber reclamation operations, industrial wiping cloth suppliers, vintage clothing boutiques, thrift retail stores, and used clothing wholesalers. Through its significant investment in technology and equipment, and in partnership with other industry leaders and its’ customers, Mid-West Textile is continually searching for new, viable, value-added products that can be made from recycled textiles.